Beau of the Fifth Column scores another win on his second channel, this morning.

“The Roads to understanding misinformation…”

Context matters! A LOT.

Have a good Wednesday, my friends!

Because Jess totally ROCKs  – and every one of these posts is a gem of “You probably don’t need to “Personally Develop” anything – you just need to do what you already know!”

Go here, read this:


Fancy Meeting You Here!

 No, seriously. It’s fancy.
I’m even wearing pearls.

So, here’s the deal.

The Brazen Bible is your bustling hub for tackling your ifs and butwhile holding your butt. Picture your grandmother’s attic, assuming your grandmother’s attic is stuffed to the gills with information, resources, and anecdotes about carpe‘ing that motherfucking diem and still finding time to go to happy hour(s). It’s your time to kick fear in the nards, bust down the walls you’ve systematically built yourself into, and LIVE. Because settling for mediocrity? Isn’t actually living at all. 

Disclaimer: Shit gets shouty ’round these parts.

Ready? Set! Win.


And then read anything and everything that catches your eye (or your heart).

“Collected Wisdom-worthy”  thoughts from my Drafts file that I was too (something) to finish and post ~

The Fear and Failure Edition:

“Everything that you are today – everything that you can do subconsciously, like drive a car or make scrambled eggs, or even swim: there was a point where you absolutely couldn’t do it. And it terrified you. …

~ From the video in this post by Kevin Cole at “On Doing The Things That Scare The Shit Out Of You”

Independent or Survivalist?

Are you (am I?) more of an Independent or a Survivalist?  A commentary on two generally conflicting philosophical  approaches from Shanna Mann at  “The Dark Side of Self-Reliance”.

Mindfulness, Moderation (and Losing Weight)

A wide-ranging conversation from Joel D Canfield, Writer: “Why I’m Losing Weight (and Why I Never Could Before)”


More of these to come – I’ve only scratched the surface. For today, I’ve used enough time on this.

Bright Blessings, my friends!  ~  Karen

Another “Just DO it” post … not giving myself time to second guess and then postpone posting!

A couple of verrrry interrrresting-looking books:

“The Luck Factor” by   Dr Richard Wiseman

Written by my friend, Joel D Canfield: “…most of us believe there’s nothing we can do about {our luck}. And Dr. Richard Wiseman is here to tell you that’s wrong.

Luck, it turns out, can be changed. It can be controlled. Luck is a skill you can learn and a tool you can apply in business, in life.


From the same site (Actionable Books. com) ~

“Brand: It Ain’t the Logo…” by    Ted Matthews

This one jumped out at me because I’ve been running into questions and classes and doubts about “Personal Branding” all over the place, lately. It also helps answer that perennial question: “What d’you do, anyway?”!


I honestly cannot remember how I first came to Lia’s place – just last Tuesday! Following commenters home again, methinks…   What do *your* Basic Rules look like?


“Frame it as a prototype or “beta testing” and you’ve got permission to start the thing you’ve been putting off.”

~ From Michael Bungay Stanier, via his inspiring Great Work Provocations:


And a Friday Funny from Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way:

Love and Bright Blessings, all!   ~ Karen


Whoops – forgot one! The bee-you-tee-full all-new launched-last-week site of my Stars-Mentor Lissa Boles. Good for all you/us Aspiring, Growing and even Established Entrepreneurs out there — If you’ve ever wondered what “the stars” have to say about and do with what’s going on around you, but don’t want to “learn a whole new language” in order to understand it, Lissa’s a fabulous resource! She does the translating (behind the scenes) and just tells us ‘what it means’. No geek-speak unless you really want it, and then it’s kept to a bare minimum. Love this Lady!


This beautiful book cover caught my eye, and the post has caught my heart ~ Thanks, Nancy!

Spirit Lights The Way

What is Joy?  Where can we find it?  How can we share it?  Is it Peace?   Harmony?  An overwhelming feeling of complete and utter well-being?

In this tiny Treasury of Wisdom, the editors of The Secrets of Joy share quotes from around the globe and across the millenia to encourage us to find Joy for ourselves and share Joy with others:

Above all, share the gladness in its pages with others in your life.  For joy, contagious as a smile, demands to be spread.

A few favorites from this tiny treasury:

* It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. ~ Agnes Repplier

* Happiness is a how, not a what; a talent, not an object. ~ Hermann Hesse

* What a wonderful life I’ve had!  I only wish I’d realized it sooner. ~ Colette

* May you live all the days of…

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I intend to make these Collected Wisdom posts a “thing” here. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be “regularly scheduled” or simply “as the Spirit moves me” but they will be frequent. (Hold me to that, please, dear Regular Readers!)


Ash Ambirge waxed eloquent (as usual) about “How to be a Human” this week.

… and incredibly apropos of That^^^ is this one from Jeff Hayden, a business blogger(!) at


DonnaOnTheBeach has been keeping track of her adventures in “Riding Wild Donkeys” … a metaphor for carving out a large-ish chunk of time and attention (like hours, or even days Oh My!) to work exclusively on Your Big Project.   Start here:  #2 is at  And here’s #3:


Into the stream of “mindful language” comes this from “the goddess known as Jacqueline Gates” : ~ Pay more attention to where your money *comes from* and stress less about where it’s going! (I followed her home from a comment she left, but I have no idea where…     This happens often in my world 🙂 )


And a closing thought, provided by my friend Merril:

“I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I’ll go to it laughing.”
Herman Melville, Moby Dick

(Thursday was Moby Dick‘s 161st anniversary)