This came over my transom this morning.
Corky Siegel is a blues and world musician based in Chicago for over 40 years. I’ve known him since around 1982. His writing always makes me smile! Enjoy ~

Cousin Corky’s New Year’s Message

Should old acquaintances be forgot?
There are so many weird lyrics in Auld Lang Syne. I got goosebumps singing it but I never even knew what it meant.
Well I’m not the only one who didn’t understand these lyrics. Historians call this: “The song that no one knows.”
So last year as I was preparing to lead everyone in song at midnight at Evanston’s New Year’s Eve First Night celebration, I decided I was going to find out what it really means and also sing a more literal translation (see below). Last night and this morning in preparing for tonight’s concert and sing-along (again at Evanston’s First Night) I delved deeper, and as it turns out, Auld Lang Syne is a brilliant yogic treatise on how to begin the new year with a clear head and a big heart.
I contemplated the first line:
“Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind.”
Really? Are we saying we want to “forget” old acquaintances? Old friends? They should never even be brought to mind? I should not remember any of you fondly or otherwise? I love my acquaintances. Boo! 😦
If you look up the word “acquaintance,” you will see two primary meanings:
1) “A person you know but who isn’t a close friend,”
This can mean a friend, but not a “close” friend. However, all our friends are close friends. (Watch: ONE)
2) “A person’s knowledge or experience of something.”
Certainly the song is suggesting we forget “experiences” and not our good people. And surely it’s not suggesting we forget our beautiful experiences at the Grand Canyon or the Redwood Forest, but instead those memories that keep us awake at night: the displeasing agitations of the mind, our fears, our grudges … may they be forgot.


For the beginning of the Winter Holiday Season – the start of your new year…



Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire.
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don’t know something ~
it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations ~
they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge ~
it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes.
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you’re tired and weary ~
it means you’ve made a difference.

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are
also thankful for the setbacks.


I’m very thankful for the people I’ve met this year, and for the people I’ve let go of this year –  may your life be richer for both groups, as well.

Bright Blessings ~ Karen

Last Tuesday was the shortest, darkest day of the year -and it was my most brilliant day in maybe years! I actually forwarded one of those “Blessings are coming to you” gifs, and it started coming true before I even finished sending them 🙂

“A Blessing is coming to you in the form of a new job, a house, a relationship or a financial breakthrough… Don’t ask questions, just forward to eight people and trust in the Goodness of the Universe!”


Solstice, Yule, Mid-Winter, whatever you call it – the sun has turned in the sky, and our lives are turning with it.

This is one of the most interesting concepts that I’ve seen lately ~ internal rules that we created or accepted a lo-o-o-ng time ago. It’s not a completely new concept for me – I referred to them as “micro-rules” – but these are so much bigger than what I was thinking about.

Personal growth pioneer and computer engineer Vishen Lakhiani has coined a new term (so we can all ‘see’ the concept):

This takes real work and a lot of marinating to get one’s head around the concept and over-write those childhood lessons.

Hoo-Boy – am I in the process…


I’m doing a ‘thing’ this week that surprises even me!
I’ve posted this:
because I’m Moving.To.Detroit.
This is a huge Yes! in my heart – change of atmosphere, change of scenery, change of ‘background noise’! (OMG – Illinois!) (OMG – Chicago!)
I’m jumping off the down-escalator that is ‘Chicago in 2016’ and onto the up-escalator that is Detroit. They were roughly where Chicago is now, several years ago, and are now climbing out of that dollar-hole.
The cost of living is lower; the job prospects are better; and my head-space for finding something is better!

Take a look, please, and if you can conribute (money or moral support) you will be a Hero in my book forever! Share it and you rack up Karma points 🙂

Love and Bright Blessings!

Another “Me, standing up” post. 🙂

Here i am, asking for your help to make an exciting adventure happen without the energy-killing stress of ‘how can this really happen, without going broke in a week?’

I’m not running away, this time, or hiding from anything – I’ve never been so jazzed about a huge change on the near horizon. I’ve found out *so much* about myself in the last year, and a whole new environment presents a magnificent opportunity to ‘start over’, using all that new knowledge, and applying myself to whole new experiences.

All kinds of support – good juju, candles, prayers, dollars, and sharing – will be most welcome!

Happy Canada Day (yesterday), and Happy (US) Independence Day (day after tomorrow), all!


This is on the wall at Luigi’s office -inspiration when you’re not looking for it…


Quote of the Month:

If   a-b-c-d-e-f-g-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-p-q-r-s-t-u-v-w-x-y-z

Equals  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24

Then KNOWLEDGE = 96%

And HARD WORK = 98%

But A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E  = 100%

I originally wrote this nearly 2 years ago – and the link never worked! I just found the original source, and updated it, so if you’re curious – here’s what-all Mike had to say…

Curves 'n Angles

This article just came across my transom, courtesy of Lissa Boles.

It’s Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs”, talking about what I call Micro-Rules and finding your *perfect* (whatever):

A Fan Asks Mike Rowe For Career Advice…He Didn’t Expect This Response, But It’s Brilliant. 

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs is an awesome guy. He can build or fix anything, he’s very entertaining, and has a great sense of humor. Mike also tells it like it is and gives great advice to others. A fan wrote him and asked him for some career advice:

Hey Mike!

I’ve spent this last year trying to figure out the right career for myself and I still can’t figure out what to do. I have always been a hands on kind of guy and a go-getter. I could never be an office worker. I need change, excitement, and adventure in my life, but where the pay…

View original post 917 more words

Recognize, Remember, Real’ify  – my Words of the Year for 2016. Yaknow, the Words to inspire and clarify your year…

Recognizing is the first step – ferret out what’s either getting in your way or inspiring you to greater accomplishments (whatever they look like). Sometimes the A-hah! is for an incredibly tiny bit of something that you “hadn’t seen from this angle before” – Sometimes it’s for something so huge that you simply thought the elephant was a wall…

Remembering is next – there’s even a credible argument for Remembering being *even more important* than Recognizing, because if an A-hah! slides off your brain like it’s a teflon pan, the solution gets lost (again). You will find it again sooner or later, but, still…

The final step is to Real’ify your Recognizitions. (Yeah, I just made that up, or maybe Havi did). In case you haven’t guessed what that means, it’s to make your Recognition into something Real in your life. Take the baby steps to change that old ‘thinking habit’ into a new ‘doing habit’.

These aren’t easy words, but they are guiding my thinking (and feeling) this week, and for the next couple of months. How ’bout you?



























Good Morning!
Amy asked that question this morning, as I was playing solitaire instead of getting dressed…
“Are you ‘Psyching Up to do it?’ or ‘Psyching yourself Out of it’?”
Definitely one of those “I need to let this marinate!” lines.