There’s several entirely different angles to that story (I just couldn’t resist!):

I don’t believe that there’s always only 2 answers to any question … the options almost always include at least One more  (maybe many more) possibility: Yes – No – Maybe; or Either – Or  – Both – Something Else Entirely; or even Black – White – Grey – Purple – Pink with polkadots – PaisleyIt’s not a color at all ~ it’s a number!

I’ve used the phrase as an unofficial DBA on-and-off for years – covered graphics, sewing, any kind of miscellaneous project I took on. I tried being a solo-preneur in the early ’80’s ~ graphic designer and print broker.  I didn’t get very far, because I freaked myself out, and never did the homework required to make it a ‘real’ business.

So, “Curves ‘n Angles” pretty much sums up my world-view  ~ always willing to see another view ~ around the corner, over the hill, down the road …

PS: There are both Curves and Angles in so many things I’m interested in – art, architecture, textiles, geometry, graphics, philosophy, politics … the list goes on and on and on …

I went hunting for a “perfect illustration” and couldn’t begin to pick just “ten”, let alone “just one”! So here’s what I was looking at ~ may your find your “perfect” Curves ‘n Angles picture for today! – it’s a Google Images search, and there were 228,000 results when I was there! Have fun!

9 Responses to “Why “Curves ‘n Angles”? you say…”

  1. Lissa Boles Says:

    LOVE the name ‘Curves & Angles’ cause, like you, I see them everywhere too.

    What to make of the unique story they – and all the possibibilities in them – tell? And how to dare to be a voice for it? Ahh… THAT’s a little more challenging, and goes to your post about authority and permission.

    Lordamercy, it’s a bold thing to say out loud – or put in print (digital or otherwise) – what you see when its a little counter-culture. For me, it was about really getting the value to others of what I saw when I dared to share. Once that really landed with me, I just couldn’t (in good conscience) keep it to m’self anymore.

    P.S. I’m a fan of Mark & Ken too.

    1. Karen Says:

      Hey!WoW! Hello! Thank you! and Happy Saturday to you, Lissa!!!!
      “Dare to be a voice…” Yeah – the ‘daring’ part is/was one major reason there’s soooo many time-gaps in this-here-bloggy-thing! My Inner-Judgy-Jerk had me by the short-and-curlies for the longest time (and our $$ being really tight, and then my DH getting sick and sicker, and-and-and — six-thousand roadblocks, many of which are simply dissolving, now).
      “A little counter-culture”? Hah! You missed it, my friend! (Thank all your lucky stars!) For a while, there, here in the States, I was genuiinely afraid I’d end up in jail, simply for talking to my friends about me being an ‘un-reconstructed hippie’ and a ‘semi-Luddite’ and KNOWING that the emperor (and his minions) had no clothes! (whoops! gotta take a closer look at that ‘contempt’ thing, too!)

      ~ boy-o-boy. does ^that^ demand more pondering, and writing, and posting about! But not right now…

      Love you, and your show, and your friends, and I gotta get a SoulMap done, but not quite yet – doing Ken’s Permission Masters thing first, and I must be very careful of ‘overwhelm’ – don’t want my head to explode, just when things are geting really good!

      Bright Blessings! K

  2. Claudia Says:

    Howdy, Karen! The fun people you meet and the groovy things you find when you’re out and about on the internets, huh? Loved your comments on cmx/s blog, so I just subscribed to curves’nangles so we could communicate more directly. Your idea behind c’a reminds me of my therapy work in cognitive dissonance, one of which is seeing things in only black and white. Can’t imagine life without a rainbow of colors and alternative options, can you? And yes, my mom was ultra cool–I need to write more about her. Getting kicked out of a Black Panther meeting, reading for “The Names” project, working for voter’s rights in the deep south with Dr. King, she was an awesome person. And yes, CRIS–Chicagoland Radio Information Service, was for the seeing-impaired. In addition to being a book reviewer, editor, and journalist for ALA Booklist and Crane Communications, she was deeply involved in politics and community. Looking forward to your thoughts!

  3. Karen Says:

    Hi, Claudia!
    Totally, backatchya! Done and Done!

    (It was hard to find your Subscribe button, though. If you’re not ‘on’ a specific post, it’s alllll the way down at the bottom of everythiing you’ve writtten lately.)

    I’m really looking forward to sharing the walk down this new road with you! My DH passed away last summer, so I (imagine) I can at-least-kinda relate to the total upheaval that retirement brings, too.

    Your world-view seems to look a lot like mine, so it’ll be easier to write about ^that^ (I don’t think I’ve even mentioned it here, yet), knowing there are somebody’s ‘out there’ who groks me!

    Bright Blessings to you – I gotta go get things done *besides* surf and write, before I do this teleseminar call tonight (20 minutes, yikes!) See my latest post about “Permission Masters” (grin) K

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  5. Monarch Girl Says:

    Hi, there. It’s Monarch Girl. I love the name of your blog. It perfectly sums up the different ways of seeing things.

    1. Karen J Says:

      Thanks for coming around, Bonnie! ~ Karen

  6. I like your curves and angles. It makes me think of my way of saying it, you can never know what the color of anyone else’s sky is.

    You rock Karen.

    1. Karen J Says:

      Thanks bunches, Audrey!
      I love your way of putting it, too ~ :))

      I just tried to comment at DucksInARow from a friend’s computer, and WP insisted that I needed to “sign in as [her]” – Argghh!

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