So this morning, I’m looking for “What’s missing from my life?” ‘Cause, there’s a ton of it missing, whatever it is…

Complicating the search, is asking two questions at once:
“What is it?” and “How do I get more of it?”

I asked  a group of friends – and the best answer I got was from Thea, amplified by Tami:

 Be sure to appreciate what you already have. Getting too lost in the question “What’s missing?” can sap your strength, but keeping attentive to what’s already in your life will empower you to act on the answers you find.

Ahah! Keep your language positive – such an important reminder!


“Asking 2 questions at once” is like “Trying to Write and Edit at the same time” – a supremely bad idea. Your brain gets all tangled up and confused and thus, Overloaded and Stuck.

Mark Silver’s Remembrance Practice helps me get out of that Stuck, every day: “Is there room even here for Love?”

Also “Live in the Now” … !

Bright Blessings to you ~