This was originally posed as an economics question, about “Who made a profit?”   My take on it: This is a quintessential Win-Win-Win! (and a parable about ‘spend local’, perhaps? … and how money moves.)

A business man walks into a hotel, puts a hundred dollar bill on the counter and says “Id like to see a room, to see if it’s suitable.”

After the man goes upstairs, the hotel owner quickly takes the hundred dollar bill and goes to pay a debt to a butcher who supplies meat to his restaurant next door.

The butcher takes the hundred dollar bill to his feed supplier and gives it to him for feed for his pigs.

The feed supplier then takes the hundred dollar bill to a hooker he’s been seeing and settles his debt with her.

The hooker owes the hotel owner money for rooms she’s been renting. She immediately goes and puts the hundred dollar bill on the counter.

The business man comes downstairs and takes his hundred dollar bill back because he didn’t want the room.


The business man got his hundred dollars back; 4 people are out of debt; and

– the butcher sold his meat for more than it cost to raise
– the feed supplier sold his feed for more than it cost to grow
– the hotel made money when it rented the room to the hooker
– and the feed supplier got his money’s worth in pleasure.  Hooray!

I was trying to think of this story, just before I read Dave Kaiser’s Dark Matter blog. Delightful serendipity, don’chya think?