So, I’ve found all this marvelous writing in *other people’s perfect words* while I’m not doing what’s on MY list this morning…

I’m gonna share it, though, so I can close the tabs and get on with the sewing that’s due to deliver Wednesday.

Joss at Crowing Crone:   ISO more Gentleness in life

Jo Bradshaw at Minestrone Soul:  An interview with Corrina Gordon-Barnes, on “why do we self-sabotage?” and other big (and little) life questions

Corrina Gordon-Barnes at You Inspire ME:  Because I’ve left so much goodness “on the table” over the years, simply for fear of hearing “No”.
Also, it’s where I jumped to Jo’s post from…

David at Raptitude: David tends to write long posts that touch (brilliantly) on many parts of a question, and I haven’t even finished reading this one yet, but this is HUGE:

“… an interesting discovery about making major changes: any way of living is really just an interdependent network of habits, and when you make a big change a lot of those connections get broken. … After a shift there will be holes in the network at first. You need to put all your habits back together again.”

Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project: and  Ash is soooo not afraid to use “cuss words” and “vulgar language” that there probably oughta be a disclaimer here: YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! But her insights are TotallyWorthIt!


And one last wonderful discovery: “Blue Chicago” club at 536 N. Clark St. Chicago.  Chicago Blues on a streaming audio loop: my newest sound-wallpaper! Found them via a connection-link at Linked In, of all places!

Bright Monday Blessings to You!  Karen


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