It’s been 2 years now since Cian made his way across the Rainbow Bridge …

I don’t know if he danced or crawled or simply woke up on the other side…   There was no “kicking and screaming”, though ~ I’m certain of that.

I do know that for both of us, it was the start of a whole new adventure in Life – a completely new exploration of “Who am I now?” and “How do I Be That, Here and Now??”

I don’t think I’d even want to spend much time, now, with the person I was 3 years ago. I had pretty-much no conscious clue who I was, or what I was doing, or where I was going. Mostly, I was “Cian’s Lady”and his support system, and I’d completely lost track of who Karen was, under any name.


This post started out as me feeling sorry for myself. Over the course of the 3 days it’s been a Draft, I’ve revisited “what do I want to say?” and “how do I want to say it?” over and over again. I’ve also read around some favorite old posts, and found new folks who have much Wisdom to share. I’ve found the roots of a couple of blocks. And talked myself through the “what do I do about this?” process for them.

I’ve also talked and typed with several bless-ed friends, and stepped back and remembered what I’ve discovered since then.

Much Love and many Bright Blessings to Frosti and Amy and Shanna and Havi and Joss, and Donna and Nancy and Ken and John and Paul and Francesca, and and and…

Please pass them on ~ Life is not a zero-sum game!