I’ve been poking around in Bridget Pilloud’s Archives, and I just found this beautiful and appropriate post from December, 2009:

Happy Solstice- The Sun Stands Still

Happy Solstice!

The word Solstice is from the Latin phrase, “Sun Stands Still”, and for a few days, those of us away from the equator experience the sun rising and setting at the same time.

I love this  Sun Stands Still .  It’s like the meditative breath, the point where you have completely exhaled, and before you breathe in. That brief moment of expectation, a tiny beat of hope. What will the next breath bring?

This picture is from Maniac World and their fun montage of people holding the sun.

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Happy Solstice – The Sun Stands Still

Karen J    December 29, 2009

How beautiful!
And perfectly appropriate – I’ve just started exploring your richness of awesome, here (thanks to a comment you left at Mark Silver’s Heart of Business blog) .

First thing I did was “pick a color for 2010″ – and guess what ~ it’s exactly the brilliant color of the corona in this photo!

I’m looking forward to much more rewarding exploration ~

Bright Blessings!

TeeHeeHee – That’s me, folks – exactly 2 1/2 years ago. And boy-howdy, have I found inspirations, support, and friends a-plenty at Bridget’s. I wouldn’t be who I am, where I am, if I hadn’t made that discovery.


Wednesday was the Summer Solstice, which carries the same sort of Energy as the Winter Solstice, from the other side of the looking glass.  Same ‘holding your breath for a moment’, endings-yielding-to-new-beginnings feeling. Indeed, I wonder what marvels and challenges this next year will bring…