I’ve been looking for a Kitchen Chicken for ages – and I found this guy at Meijers a couple of months ago – on SALE, yet! Clearance, even.

I wasn’t crazy about the color – he’s pretty much egg-zactly the color that I’m deleting from my life these days: beige.

But – he ‘s big enough to not look lost on the kitchen counter;  he’s handsome, has a great attitude – how could I resist? His name is “Spot” – because he’s just as contrarian as I am – and I’m really looking forward to liberating him from Greige-land, via assorted implements of art…

Here’s my general target, as far as ultimate colors is concerned:

Brooster’s  Chinese cousin, Fook Yu*               by David Lobenberg

* translated: Have a great day!


Won’t he be bee-yoo0ti-ful?

I’ve been contemplating my paint collection for weeks now ~ Time for a “Just Do It!” methinks!

*** No! I’m not “collecting chickens!”                                                                                        Please, please, please!!! Don’t buy me every chicken-chotchke you see…


Hah! WP, in its infinite wisdom, just tossed out this pearl in the “You’ve made XX posts” page:

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”  – Stephen King 

~ Perfect!