I have an interview-slash-start tonight if you don’t flunk out somehow -thing, this evening.

and All my Resistance To Change beasties are having a FIT!  “I don’ wanna! I don’ wanna! I don’ wanna!” STOMPstompSTOMP (you got the picture – little blond 4 year old, screaming at bedtime…)

OfCourse, because that’s what ‘having a job’ means – one has to alter the way you order your days, and your weeks, and your laundry schedule and when you can talk to folks, and when you have to … and when you get to… (you can fill in your own  blanks – they probably all apply here, too).


I AM gonna go shower, and take a nap – progress report, later, Loves ~


Update – after ~

Hokay ~~~ *I* didn’t flunk out – they did!

What I didn’t mention, up there ^^^ was that this was for an “appointment setting” gig – which is a euphemism for ~ Telemarketing . Yeah – I was fighting myself to give ’em the ‘benefit of the doubt’ – “This might be different” … “It is a good product” …

I was hearing a whole different set of Resistances: I’ve tried telemarketing, in-bound and out-bound, and it never set right with what I suspected then, and know now about how my brain and my heart work.

And when I walked in the door and the chalkboard was all about “be aggressive – close the deal” and “$12/ hour – 2 days training, then (minimum wage) plus a dollar an hour bump if you up your average” – my “Get out of here” alarm got louder and louder. I didn’t even fill out the paperwork to get my 45 minutes’ pay.

Live and Learn, and sometimes, Re-Learn.