(Warning: whine attack)

I sure wish that more product designers understood ^this principle^:
Every time you add “new and improved” features that result in a new menu level that I have to dig into, I either don’t use those new features at-all, or get grrrrr-y every time I have to remember “where” what I *do* use is now! (Especially when the “n & i” stuff isn’t particularly interesting to  me, either! And, don’t get me started on “made up icons”! OMG!

I want to be able to:

1) acquire a tool 2) learn how to use that tool and 3) not be forced to re-learn ‘how to use it’ any time you feel like changing something!

My car, with all its “learn from your driving habits” computers, is a perfect example: I don’t want to be forced to “raise” my car – I did that with my kids, thank you!

Facebook and New Yahoo! are other good examples of “too much work” required for my taste – also most fancy-frilly cell phones.

(Okay – whiny-rant hat off!)