An ArchiveDive, a random walk through commenters’ blogs, and an awesome piece of science-fiction-sorta  lead me to this ….

I started out here:  Shanna Mann’s post “Show your work“; jumped to her “What is  your Work?“; thence to one of Ty Barbary’s  “Things I Learned This Week” from April, 2011.

And from “how to find serenity in an industry that doesn’t want you” to: Clarkesworld, a forum for science fiction short writings…

The first piece I read (the one that Ty ref’d) is: )

Looking at the list of Catherynne’s other writings – I picked this one:

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time by Catherynne M. Valente                            a 2011 Finalist: the Locus Award for Best Short Story

Amazing! and … It will bend your brain – sort of like Havi Brooks’ Shiva Nata does (according to those who actually practice)

{This was originally written -and stashed in Drafts- in the middle of 2011. I find now that “Thirteen Ways…” didn’t win, but Neil Gaiman did – can’t be terribly unhappy about that, methinks!}