Last week, Bridget Pilloud challenged everyone who played in her “Pick Your Color of the Year” sandbox to make a donation ‘somewhere’, along with asking her for a reading of their color.

My ‘somewhere’ is – a compilation of U.S. public school teachers’ classroom project-funding requests. You can browse projects and give any amount to the one that inspires you. (According to them, and my friends who are teachers, “[American] teachers are spending $1 billion from their own pockets each year on [classroom] supplies.”)

My current choice is Dictionary Blues – ‘cuz, yaknow, I’m all about ‘the books’, not-so-much ‘the gadgets’ or ‘the tech-toys’!

Won’t you join me, on this project or another one of your choice…


You can still use Bridget’s Color readings, too!

Pick your color and see what she has to say about a similar one. It won’t be personalized – that was only for the 1st 50 folks – but she’s posting her interpretations on her blog.

Here’s the first set (Reds, Pinks, Oranges):

I’ve got that feeling ~ 2012 is gonna ROCK!


Oh yeah – here’s my “Color”:


Here’s Bridget’s take on the Blues, Greens and Purples that readers chose for their Color –

And Yellow, Metallic, or a Mash-up –

And last but not least, the RoundUp –