so, I’ve been looking for particular paperwork this morning:

Plat of Survey for the house: might get reimbursed by the HOA for last week’s sewer work! –

Also will need to find the extended warranty I *think* I bought for the car – I seem to recall 100,000 miles coverage: also potential reimbursement for brakes failures in the last 2 months, plus current front end issues –

In the search, I’ve also come upon lots of pieces of paper (and whole files) that can probably be trashed, but bear closer examination before commitment –

I also found the ‘free delivery – mail within 30 days of delivery for reimbursement’ form for the newish-fridge – obviously never mailed *that* in, either! Duh!!

The problem with doing this search mission *now* (10:30 on a Friday morning) is that I have an ‘out-of-the-house’ job to do – today! And Every Friday!

It’s not a surprise; it’s really fun; and it pays well ~ so why do I keep starting something else when I should be getting out the door??? What is this self-sabotage all about? This actively counter-income problem?? Why do I keep shooting myself in the foot, just before it’s time for something important to me (or even worse to someone else)?

Worthiness issues? Don’t really care issues? “See, I told ya I wasn’t dependable”?? Who’s that talking in my head? And how do I get around those whispers of bull-shit?