My friend and speech mentor, Felicia Slattery, is in the process of writing her first book ~ “Cinderella Interrupted” ~ about how we, as Western (mostly) females raised in the latter 20th century, have met, exceeded or blown up the ‘societal expectations’ we grew up internalizing.

I’m really excited about it – on a number of levels:

  • It’s important
  • It’s fascinating
  • Personally, it’s gonna be a “very useful engine” for ‘my own work’ , AND
  • She’s gettin’ it done!  (role model and inspiration, all at the same time – Thanks!)

Check it out – and contribute if you’d like!

(RennieJoy and Jackie – I’d love to read what youse-guys have to say – Anonymous is A-Okay, too!)

Bright Blessings and Have an awesome weekend – I’m hitting the road again as soon as I finish packing (where have we heard THAT before??)   K