What do ya do, emotionally, when you’ve just reconnected with someone who used to be a BFF, and you thought that enough things had changed in YOUR life that you could get back there, but who really isn’t quite “your kind of people” anymore?

~ and then you remember that you’d made that same decision (15 years ago!) for both ‘other’ and ‘pretty much the same’ reasons ~

~ Breathing deeply, letting this (re)discovery sit in my soul for a while… yes.   But, then what? Do I call ’em anyway? – and tell the naked truth? -or just scale back on the contact / trust / openness? Just let ’em slip off my radar again? (That feels dishonest, like I’m ducking out). I kinda wonder if it’s *really* about their issues with me (fear? feeling threatened? hunh??)

Ever been in this quandary yourself? How did you handle it? How’d it end up?

Update 8-3-11:

It seems she put my number in her phone, and the phone(!) wants to talk to me, even if she doesn’t! Twice in the last week, she’s inadvertently called me. The timing wasn’t good for much talk, but “Isn’t *that* interesting?”