How the heck did it get to be the 14th of June already??

Oh yeah – there was the week’s-worth of trip to New Orleans (what with the overnight trains, coming and going, and the 3 ‘as long as I’m going, I’m making it worthwhile!’ days);

… and the processing of all-that (meeting, visiting, train trip, illusion-popping, etc. etc. etc.);

and a weekend of dithering and fretting about downloading (and organizing and renaming files – for my own confidence in finding ’em again!) of this FAB-U-LOUS class (TeachNOW – It’s over and done with, but I own the info now 🙂 on a thumb drive, so I won’t misplace it on my  hard-drive – YAY!);

and two days of buying and returning and buying again of blinds for the front room windows (they’re not up yet, but they’re Here Now – YAY!);

and a Friday Route – takes up the whole day, every time;

… and reading and reading and reading and commenting some:

So once again my friends, I will persevere at the “write something” quest… and wish us all Bright Blessings ~