It’s nearly 3pm on a Friday, and I have soooo many pieces and projects and gotta-dos that I’ve put off or ducked in the last month, that there physically isn’t enough hours left to do them all –

~ Commitments I’ve made; things that are part of the ‘keep functioning’ file; things that I want to “have done”, but not “do” them…

~ my route – commitment to somebody else, income!, ‘out of the house’

~ shower – (don’t think about that one too hard – ewww!)

~ packing for a week out of town –

~ laundry – several loads – so I can do the packing!

~ sewing – projects and mending, for myself and other folks (there’s that ‘letting people down’ stuff again!)

~ dishes

~ grocery shopping

~ pay the bills (and I even HaveTheMoney in the right account – so it’s clearly not just a surface “thing”!)

… and now, it’s 5pm – can I pretend this day never happened? that it’s still thursday?

of course, I know the real answer to that…

well, let’s get ONE thing done – post this – and then stand up and go shower, and then pick up the mags and go over to J & S’s – another commitment that I’m very close to blowing off … in spite of truly wanting to do it…???

WTF is going on here???