My audio wallpaper handed me a way into another deeply held ‘belief’ about the world and my place in it (and how that belief has created a huge road-block) this morning ~

The program was about Czarist Russian art (not that that really makes any difference).  The picture under discussion was Barge Haulers on the Volga by Ilya Repin. ( by Charley Parker)

Ilya Repin - Volga Boatmen

All the heavy context, meanings and interpretations that the narrator ascribed to it struck me as one of the reasons that I’m so leery of  both ‘doing my stuff’ and ‘putting it out there’ ~ an overdose of ‘Art Appreciation’ language at a young age = “there isn’t anywhere near that much awareness and meaning behind *my* art, therefore, it doesn’t count!”

Next:  root ^that^ out of my sub-conscious, and learn to appreciate whatever I do as “good enough”.