Dear Bloggers ~ Please… item the second*…

Please don’t morph into a Product Monster.

It’s a very easy slope to slip onto – you’ve been writing for a while now, and having good interchange with your readers, and  “You should-could do X-Y-Z for money!” comes into your awareness. Maybe somebody says it directly to you; maybe somebody else’s post triggers it; maybe your Inner-Idea-Generator/Synthesizer comes up with it, with no discernible prompt.

And of course, once you develop a ‘product’, you want to let folks know about it, and how wonderful it is! But if it becomes ‘all you can talk about’, even your best right people can get turned off. You know, like how sometimes a new mommy becomes soooo baby-centered that you wonder whatever happened to that wonderful, vibrant person you used to know? Now all she has to talk about is the latest diaper-report? Ick – so Ick that you’re tempted to not answer the phone when she calls? That’s what the Product Monster brings up, too. For everybody’s sake, don’t go there!

How to recognize a potential Product Monster:

~ It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get to the meat-and-potatoes of their site, their blog, their Goodness – without at the least ‘subscribing’ to their output. Every link out there leads to the ‘squeeze page’, and there’s no links to ‘the rest of you’ THERE, either. How the heck am I supposed to know that I want to hear about everything you post, if all I know (and can find out) about you is that So-an-So liked this one thing you posted, and it’s For Sale????

This is a commonly taught way to ‘build your list’  – as if there really was a point to accumulating the biggest-baddest mailing list in the Universe. But if “Do something for ME first, then I might give you something of value to you” looks like “all there is”, it completely circumvents the vital “Know, Like and Trust” factor – one of the first things *I* learned about how to have an influence in the world. (Thanks, Felicia! – and here’s her current pages:

… and the cut-n-paste, fill-in-the-blanks copy for a squeeze page so easily comes across as icky-sales-and-marketing-speak. Please Rewrite It, several times, until it really sounds like YOU talking, not a photocopy of a page out of a how-to book written by Scrooge McDuck.

Here’s one way to approach A Fix:  Colleen addresses “public speaking” here, but the principles apply in any communication context.


I love you, and the Universe loves you, and we all want you to succeed (however you define that), but not at the apparent cost of your Heart and Soul!

Bright Blessings ~


* Here’s the first installment about “don’t hide your Archives”…

Some references for this post:

Shanna Mann:  ‘Value for Value’

Rosalind Gardner:  ‘InternetMarketing – Not a  Nice Niche’

Mark Silver – ‘Why we talk about problems…’ … as well as his whole site!

Colleen Wainwright, the communicatrix: Search her Archives ~ you won’t regret it!


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