Paint the house screens!  (Not the frames of the screens – the screening itself. Think of the intriguing back-window-graphics on hot-rods and vans these days… )


Take down your screens and paint a pretty sumthin’ er other on the *outside* surface. Use a light touch – you do want to be able to see through them when you get done.

Could be done with a brush, stencils, spray paint or even sponges – and any kind of outdoor-permanent paint.

Pictures, you say? Well, sooner-or-later, sure… but, I haven’t done this yet ~ it just came to me this morning, and I wanted to write it down before the idea slipped away… Any thoughts, suggestions or additions are welcome!

(Prompted by communicatrix’s sidebar on fake-flokati-rugs from t-shirts … don’t ask me how I got from there to here! It’s just one of those tangential-thinking things, probably with several steps in-between.)