I’ve always (as far as I remember) been willing to go adventuring – if I didn’t know  exactly where I was, I simply aimed in the ‘right general direction’ and kept going — when I was driving, anyway. (Back here, in real life, that’s something else again…) (Working with applying this^ wisdom to other situations – ongoing growth, folks!)

… I just recognized another Ahah! from my recent road trip ~ that (duh!) not everybody operates (thinks / feels/ responds) the same way! I was navigating, and we were: 1) in rush hour traffic, 2) in a city neither one of us was familiar with, 3) driving directly into the sun, and 4) very, very close to the day’s destination. And we had the F(riendly) N(ative) G(uide)’s phone number.

According to my SOP, the immediate next step is GetOffTheInterstateNow!!! so that’s what I had us do.  “We need to get south and west of *here*, so we take a southish road, then a westish road, rinse and repeat until we get to where we’re going or to a road that IS on the map”… BUT – the driver doesn’t operate that way AT-ALL:  she had printed out maps of the last 5 miles, and we were no longer on her map.  She was WAY more freaked about ^that^ than all the traffic and the sun and the scary-aggravating-how far to the right exit??? .

This is something that I keep rediscovering, in its particulars. Recognizing the filters and frames I use unconsciously, and how and where they differ from the ones you use, even if *you* don’t recognize them. And then, being mindful of what those differences mean, and how they’re liable to affect our interactions. Wow!


(Thanks again, Shanna, for “…wherein I discover that I’m a bigot…”)