I just found this fun video at DonnaOnTheBeach’s most excellent blog –


(Here’s the youtube direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf9SaySaQZA&feature=player_embedded#at=14)

(4-4-11: That was bizarre! I just came back to watch this on another Monday Morning, and it wasn’t the PianoStairs video at-all! Hmmmmm?? and WTF??? Fixed now!)

I really want them to install one of these at Union Station (permanently, yaknow) – think how much cheerier (and  healthier, for those who *simply must* have some other justification than just “It’s fun!” – poop-heads!) our commutes could be ~ start and end your day with a smile and little jig … Fabulous! (It could even become a tourist attraction “This way to the Piano Stairs!”)


I’ve been subscribed for ages, and often go back to old posts for “coincidentally” appropriate tidbits – do this for quite a few people, actually – inevitably helps me feel better, more inspired, and more worthwhile, no matter how crummy I started out feeling.  Bright blessings, Donna!