Today – January 30, 2011 – would be my Mom’s 95th birthday, if she still occupied E. Virginia’s physical presence here. She doesn’t, however ~ she crossed That Bridge at 76, with rather more help than any of us would have preferred.*

Her presence in my life, however, is never-ending. The list of “What she taught me (on purpose)” could go on for pages. “What I learned from her (by observation or osmosis)” would be several-many more. And my gratitude, both to her and for her,  for her unconditional love and support and all those learnings and teachings, knows no bounds.


thank you, and bright birthday blessings, Virginia ~ wherever you are!







* Yes, you may ask what I mean by that.  It might take some time for a reply – have patience with me, please. This is  neither a sad nor an angry post, though (I don’t want to hijack my own thread), so no details right now.