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I understood yesterday’s soul note, about how you need to think with your head and feel with your heart and not mix the two. 

Somebody was a jerk to me yesterday. Somebody said some lowdown terrible things.

So I turned to Inner Me this morning and asked, “How do we make sense of another’s negative behavior?”

And she said, Behavior is always driven by something. It can be driven by wolves or border collies. (She showed me sheep and wolves, and sheep and collies, the fear in the whites of the sheeps’ eyes when driven by wolves. ).

I said, That behavior was driven by wolves.

And she said, Anyone who is driven by wolves is frightened, and not in control of their destiny. Let your behavior seek the shepherd of your wise self, and hope that the others seek the same, for their own sake.

She showed me a little movie. I was responding with grace because I am a wise, conscious person. It’s not that I am setting aside the behavior of this person, it’s just that I am not going to be driven by their wolves.

Much love!
Bridget and her inner me

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