This is going to be one of the most eclectic “Thank You!” speeches, ever, I suspect ….

All of these people ~  and many more that I’ve missed so far ~ have contributed bits and pieces of varying sizes to me being able to get farther, faster in the Tetris-game that is my inner landscape in the past two weeks than I ever thought possible.  (Links to come – when it’s not 3 am!) But I am posting this now, dammit!


Mark Silver at  Heart of Business – in addition to his own words of wisdom on Life and Business, for maintaining a comment-space that is unfailingly safe and warm and supportive, and where I’ve discovered so many of the rest of these gem-folk!

Ken Bechtel – Finding You in the Goo – for this Truth, among others: “Amusement is the universal solvent of the energy world”  ~ That, and his bed-rock and keystone-important “Permission Masters” course have set me free to take this wild ride of self-discovery. Wwwwhheeeeeeeeee!

Bridget Pilloud – Voila! You being there, makes me want to move to Portland, sight-un-seen!

Andrea J. Lee – a genuine coach’s coach and sharer of much vital information, even though I’m not a Coach (yet)

Liz Ryan, for providing the fascinating Ask Liz Ryan Yahoo group, and its’ predecessors ChicWIT and WorldWIT, and for “Who made up *that* rule??”

Liz Franklin and her “How to Get Organized Without Resorting to Arson” – reading this book helped me  throw off the shackles of ‘other peoples’ systems’, and recognize my very own “sparkle-brain”  – teehee!

the brilliant and compassionate authors of  You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? and my Brother Brise, for turning me on to their book

Michael Bungay Stanier and his  Box of Crayons,

Colleen Wainwright – the communicatrix: writer, actor, and the very first blogger I found who wasn’t all-about either business or navel-gazing

Sue Rasmussen, who recognizes the energy behind and underneath your clutter, and writes supremely useful prose about dealing with that, first – “It’s not just about the stuff!”

the Amazing Shanna Mann of  Feed the Spark and Change Catalyst – BodyTalk-er and intuitive. I only met her 2 weeks ago but, even at half my age she knows herself inside-an-out and helps me do the same

my best-girl-friend Gail, in Detroit

my other best friend Hawk, up on the tundra (not quite, but b-r-r-r-r, dude!)

Andy Dolph – The Journey of Story

Havi Brooks at The Fluid Self – especially this post:  Some things I have learned about sovereignty; her comments at Mark’s and Bridget’s are always worth reading

Debbie Ford, author of “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers”

Felicia Slattery – Communication and Public Speaking coach extraordinaire.

Kamin Bell –

my sister, for our ‘mutual psycho-archeology’ conversations: “I saw things this way. What did you see?”

Ty Barbary – who I found at Shanna’s and who, along with Shanna and Mr. Scribbler,  has inspired me to write ever more consciously and conscientiously

Mary Tornabene Coleman, who believed in me (and my whole class) in 7th grade

… to be continued!

Sunday, Jan 23:

Joel Canfield – friend of Caitlyn’s; aspiring-author’s coach; one of the Business Heretics, and a nomad, musician and hawaiian-shirt-wearing Nice Guy!

Charlie Gilkey –

Tuesday, Jan 25:

~ plus uncountable authors and speakers, friends and acquaintances – and even total strangers – who have shared their Wisdom and Insights over the years.

Thursday, Feb 3:

Oh my gawsh! I’m dismayed that I skipped over Caitlyn James ~ her Imaging Better blog is touching and fun and deep and silly – by turns and all-at-once – and she’s Writing A Novel – on her blog!! Way cool!

Some specific books that have provided me with both tools and looking glasses, starting in grade school ~

Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein. Thanks for reminding me, Shanna, how intensely it rocked my world and spun my brain – at 14. My first lover gave me a copy: “This’ll help you understand me better”  ~Whoooa! and muchas gracias, Kevin! I wouldn’t be ‘me’ without Michael Valentine Smith in the recesses of my head and heart.

I’m Okay, You’re Okay and Parent Effectiveness Training

James Churchward’s several books about Mu – another Atlantis-type land, but in the Pacific Ocean

Or Ill Dress You in Mourning – the biography of a Spanish bull-fighter – not sure if it was the story so much as the way Miss Tornabene read it to 7th graders as a chapter-book. I do know that I still want a Jaguar X-KE!

Practical Magic by Marian (Weinstein) Green

What Color is Your Parachute? (any edition)

Friday, April 15:

… And, oh yeah – the music ~

“Hold On Loosely (but don’t let go)” by 38 special lyrics link, video link

“Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf  lyrics, video

… and hundreds more that I can’t pin down in my brain right now!

Bright Blessings!