This article^^^  just popped into my mailbox – such perfect timing! 🙂

added 1-24-11:  Ken Bechtel addressed “What’s Enough?” on his web-radio show, too – hear it here:

The Gift of Enough 12/16/10 Thu, 16 Dec 2010      Play Now


Today’s project is: Remember to be mindful of just ‘how much time’ can float by while I’m not paying attention. I have responded to several other bloggers with something along the lines of “I see you, and I hear you, and I intend (thanks, Bridget and Shanna!) to make an intelligent response on this topic, but I also recognize that, in order to not shoot myself in the foot, put said foot in my mouth (or elsewhere equally unpleasant), or paint myself into a corner, I must have more time to devote to crafting said response than I do right now. See ya again, soon!”

I also still have have things on my ‘daily maintenance’ list that haven’t been done today, so I am calling this “Good Enough” and hitting Post.

Mwah!   See ya later!  K