Here’s a thing that I think will prove to be an incredibly powerful tool for anybody who finds it:
Ken Bechtel’s ”Finding You in the Goo”  Permission Masters program)
… and Oh ~ Yay, me! Here’s my brand-spanking new (I just signed up before I even finished writing this post!) affiliate link (Oooh! share the wealth!) to the same program:
(You have NO IDEA how huge a leap doing that was for me! Well, some of you have an inkling – Hi, Shanna! Happy Monday! Pre-emptive fear of overwhelm is has been such a huge roadblock for me. And it needs to be blown up over and over again, for each specific learning-curve-mountain that I need to get past)

Even if there’s NO WAY VISIBLE for you to ’do’ this whole program, read the sell-sheet/ class descriptions for the whole program (hit the “Click here to beat the rush and enroll now!”  button at the very, very bottom, to get to it), and get on tonight’s call. (I’m pretty sure it’ll be available as a recording, too, at least for a while). Because … well ’cause I said so! … but, mostly because just letting the information and ideas inta yer head will be electrifying!
(Above and beyond any eww-marketing-speak, when he writes from his heart, the information he shares is spot-on! And incredibly useful, no money required.
Kin ya tell, I really REALLY love this guy and his GreatWork?)

Anyway, it’s about remembering how vital ”having permission” was when you were a kid, and more importantly, how to rediscover that you have the Power to give yourself Permission in the here-and-now to do, be, and have; think, feel and imagine; and remember and/or release anything at all, and everything that you want to!

Bright Blessings, y’all!

~ Karen