From my over-flowing “Drafts” file:  started 12/22/2010 ~

Why-oh-why does it seem so very easy to ‘give up’ our power?

~ To our own fears;

~ To our old scripts;

~ To outside ‘authorities’;

~ To so-called ‘celebrities’ (though most folks in the headlines these days, I’d call ‘notorious’ rather than ‘famous’)

Now, I certainly don’t have any delusions that I have the answer – but here’s one of my possible Why? answers: It seems to be about “fear of taking responsibility for my own decisions”. Where that came from, I haven’t figured out yet. Maybe I don’t really need to, before I change it. Anyway …  For years-and-years, I laughed (out loud, and to other people, even) about “responsibility is a four-letter-word”. I thought I was just ‘kidding on the fer-real’. Now, it feels like I truly believed that. Yikes!

Admitting that *I* can own and use all the power over my own life-perceptions and decisions is truly, deeply scary!  …. And, not the same thing as the Control that controlFreaks crave. But … recognizing this moves me several steps down the road to actually doing something about it. Finishing and posting this is yet another step. yayMe!


I know that Bridget (, Mark ( and Ken (  have all addressed this topic, probably multiple times, but you’ll have to poke around in their Archives for yourself! 😉  You may find something that’s even more valuable for you right now!


PS. added 1/18/11:

Actually – darn near everybody in that BlogRoll dealie over there }}}  has contributed in some way or other to my currently exploding enlightenment. The tools and techniques, concepts and examples may have nothing whatsoever to do with it *on the surface* but one of the things I do “happily, easily and well” is to connect bits and pieces from wildly diverse sources into usable and useful things to actually work with.