Please, please, please  don’t “hide” your Archives!

{Yes, Sis, I used the ‘scare quotes’ on purpose.  Not to scare anybody, but to call attention to the many different perceptions of the word “hide”.}

I’m sure most of the people this is for didn’t really hide anything deliberately: they redesigned their blog, or changed focus, or somebody new is working on it …  I get it. There’s a whole bucket-full of moving pieces to a blog, and they’re all different, depending on, well, a whole bucket-full of things.

Whatever caused your (previously) easy-to-find-and-use list of not-today’s-posts to disappear, it’s not there anymore. I can’t find it. Maybe I haven’t quite guessed the Magic Word. As far as this reader is concerned, it’s buried in an unmarked grave!

See, sometimes I like to just dive into a blog, at random, either to get a feel for someone’s take on life, or because I’m looking for a hint on how to approach something or other. Maybe I get your notices of new posts – then they’re all in an email folder, and I can just go in there and pick one, but only since I subscribed. If you’ve been writing for a while, there’s thousands of words of wisdom or amusement or observation or quandary in your files, somewhere, that you wrote and shared with the world(!) before I found you! I want to be able to explore them without having to first “figger out how THIS BLOG jus’ werks diff’rent”.

I’m also a*sparkle brain* (thanks, MizLiz!). I get easily distracted, or aggravated, if things confuse me. If I’m confused by something that doesn’t work easily in your blog, I’m likely to click away. I may even un-subscribe! (If you seem to have turned into a Product Monster, that’s a whole ‘nuther issue, for another day. That usually pisses me off!!)

(I’m calling this “good enough” for now – it’s been floating around in my head for a week, and open in Edit all day! Enough already – I’ve got other things to do!)