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This totally Free program is presented by a woman whom I trust completely to help figure out how to get over ugly resume glitches! (Boy, have *I* got some – I’ll be there!)

Liz Ryan and has a totally out-of-the-box-different take on Resume Language, and the whole “find a job” process – check it out!

All I get is Karma points for sharing this, but if it comes up, I’m registered on her lists as “Karen J”.

Love you, Bros ~ and Bright Blessings!

Ask Liz Ryan has invited you to a Call:

Saturday, March 27, 2010
This is the Career Altitude workshop, “Surmounting Any Resume Problem”, to be presented on Saturday morning, 3/27/10. The presenter will be Liz Ryan.

Here is the workshop description:

Prerequisites: none.
Participants should have handy: a pen and paper for taking notes.

We know that your resume is essential. But what if there’s a roadblock in the middle of your job-search, in the form of a resume problem? In this workshop, we’ll talk about gaps, career changes, drops in elevation, layoffs, bad references, and anything else that could stall a job-seeker’s efforts to move ahead. Join us for a lively discussion about reframing, positioning and eliminating any resume issues that have vexed you or are still standing in your way.

Please invite your friends! This special Career Altitude workshop is open to all.

Questions? Please write to Jackie Marrinan at


Liz Ryan

Update, 4-3-2010:

Here’s the recording of that call (it’s about an hour-an-a-half, but worth every minute!):

“Surmounting Any Resume Problem” audio

Tue Mar 30, 2010

Dear folks,
Here is the audio file from my teleseminar last Saturday, “Surmounting Any Resume Problem”:

http://apps. calliflower. com/conf/ download/ 6357

Cheers —

Liz Ryan
http://www.asklizryan. com