So, today is Mother’s Day, {Happy Mother’s Day! all you Mom’s out there!}and yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the Mother’s Day when my 2nd daughter was born ~ and WooHoo! she got to be here for it, for the first time since she turned 19! Flew in from Tampa yesterday, for the weekend, because …

The band that DH has been Head Roadie for (for, like, 25 years) and the band who owned the bar where they first started playing Irish music on a regular basis, had a blow-out Reunion concert this evening.

What a rockin’ good time!
(Damn! I can’t play with the fonts and sizes in QuickPress! Oh well – if I could, that last sentence would be about 4 times the size, and BOLD, and maybe even in some exotic typeface – ‘cuz I really Really REALLY mean it!!!)

The Dooley Brothers and Brogue have *always* had a very special magic about them, separately, and especially together – and it’s been close to 20 years since it happened last.
What an extraordinary event, even for the Irish American Heritage Center, where extraordinary events happen on a fairly regular basis!! (links to be added when I’m far closer to sober!)
Many Thanks, from the corners of my Soul, to all who helped make this evening such a success for me, personally ~ Tengri, and the Lady of the Full Moon, and Mommy and Daddy and Peter, – who helped me channel enough energy to metabolize *enough* alcohol to get us all home safe and sound, and Mori, who knows the way, even when I forget … and my Brother in Minnesota ~Dude, you win! my sh*t-storm-day was already getting better when I talked to you – yours has a ways to go, yet! ~ bunches of Good-Words-Energy to you …
The whole show, and alot of side stuff and background people was recorded, so there oughta be a CD and maybe a video available down the road, for those who weren’t able to be there …

And, it’s now 4am, and I really need to get horizontal for a couple hours – thanks for reading, and believing in me (*somebody* checks to see if I’ve gotten my nerve back, every once in a while!)! Catch ya on the next go-round!

Bright Blessings ~