This will probably sound like a “Duh!” to those of you who already pay close attention to your body’s “signals”, but I just now, today, figured out (in so many words) that part of the reason this blogging thing is “so hard” is because I have a hard time focusing when I’m hungry!!!

Like I said – “Duh!”   Maybe even “Double Duh!”

I’m sitting here listening to my tummy rumble, and wondering why the most I can keep attention on is Chuzzle on games!

I’ve seen at least 5 things that have flickered through my brain as  “I should write about that” items since Noon, including:

* the new Rules proposal at the Dept. of Health and Human Services (,0,7013690.story);

* why (and how to address) the fact that I couldn’t get sound from PE Obama’s weekly address ( (I think it was my settings, but it may be that you need to click the MP4 download. I don’t know what exactly I did that fixed it – computer magic, again);

*  acrylic is sooooo much warmer than polyester;

* part of the problem with replacing petroleum as our primary fuel source is it’s so damn efficient;

* another problem with reducing petroleum use “for fuel” is the potentially reduced availability of all the Other Things we get from oil – nylon, polyester, uncounted numbers of other plastics, chemicals and who knows what else; and

* how do I learn how to ask “Why?” or “Why Not?” without p’o-ing the people with the answers.

Well, that’s more than 5 already! See my problem?  So, I’m going to go eat something! and then do my job-related paperwork, go see my friend Ardena, and come back to this later – today.  *I also want to figure out how-exactly to add Share This and ClustrMaps and AskLizRyan widgets (with affiliate link$?) over there (insert arrow pointing right) (oh yeah, figure out how to do that, too!)

Thanks for hanging in with me while I figure myself out! See ya later!  K