I just commented on this excellent article (The Best Service is No Service) at destinationCRM.com., for 2 reasons, which became clearer as I wrote –

1) The article itself hits one of my hot-buttons: Customer Service should be about fixing the system that caused my problem, as much as fixing *my* particular current problem; and

2) While I haven’t seen any distorted readings of this particular article (yet!), the wording of the title (and their book) simply begs for misinterpretation, by both sound-bite commentators and the anal bean-counters of corporate America.

The simple addition of 2 words to that headline would have made their content clearer AND greatly reduced the chances of misinterpretation: “The Best Service is No Need for Service”.  As it stands,  it practically begs to be used as an excuse to completely eliminate the Customer Service function! Maybe that’s my just cynicism of corporate America coming out, but maybe not…


I found this article while cruising The Livin’ the Dream blog: http://mydreambizblog.blogspot.com/ .

Bright Sunny Tuesday Blessings!

Karen J

getting back on this posting-horse after FAR TOO LONG spent procrastinating!