This has been the worst blank page I’ve ever encountered – for no particular reason that I can figure out!

You may remember that I was going to report on Pennsic, oh, almost 3 weeks ago?  Well, it was wonderful to see people, as usual, but I just couldn’t get a handle on what to write about …

I did some shopping, but with no money – that’s boring.

I didn’t get to the Battlefield – very seldom do – that’s boring.

I didn’t take any classes – ditto – that’s boring.

I didn’t even get up to the Archery range – not much to talk about there, either!

I did finally “see” the slight twist at one tip that the Marshalls have been concerned about for years, and talked to the man who made my bow (Yumi) – it should be any easy, simple fix, but he had all his tools packed up already, so it’ll probably be next year(!) before I can get that fixed.

I did make it to the Rosaki Party, which I hadn’t done in ages, but I didn’t dance – boring.

I actually did do some artwork – actually, I drew and colored 3 miniature wooden shields to be added to the annual Viking Memorial Boat which is burned each year on the Lake, in honor of those who have passed the veil in the past year.


So, I’ve at least gotten back on the horse, as-it-were. I hope this is cathartic in some way, and I can get some of the other three hundred things on my List done, or at least definitely started. I’ll let you know tomorrow – it’s time now for some Seriously Horizontal Time!

Bright Blessings!