So, I just spent wa-a-a-a-y “too much time” writing the previous post, but the topic really caught my attention (Look, a Chicken!) and it felt like a good way to be Active, instead of just ReActive, so invested the hour or so, by choice.

Anyhoo – I have this spiffy little Olympus FE-115 digital camera that I got last Fall, and I want to learn how to dump the disk onto the computer. I know it involves

  • 1) installing a program, from the disk that came with the camera, then
  • 2) deciphering all the jargon (worst-casing, I know – it might be well-written for the rank beginner, but I’m not holding my breath) and then
  • 2A) deciding where to put everything – the Olympus management file(s?), the photos, and an unknown amount of “other stuff”.

That’s why I’ve been putting it off all Winter … now I’ve told “the world” about my plans, I’ll be more inclined to follow through!

Hold me to it, please – somebody ask “Where’s the pics, K?” okay?

Bright Blessings!