My Hunny sold a whole bunch of his comics collection last week. It’s been piling up in a spare room for years, and it was time to make room for something else.

His *son* Tony (not really, but you know how some people are as close as family, even though they’re not even vaguely related? Like the neighbor you grew up calling “Aunt Sue” – Tony is a son/friend like that.) brought his kids over Saturday to help Grampa C get the room cleared out and the boxes organized.

Allie, 7, was playing with a set of super-hero action toys, and as they were getting ready to leave, C asked if she’d like to have them? Of course, she said “Yes! Please!” He told her she’d have to make a place in her room to keep them, so they didn’t get beat up or lost (apparently she’s been a terrible room-keeper). She promised to do that, and off they went.

Well, Tony reported yesterday that Allie has completely cleaned up her room (it was a disaster area!) and begged Tony to build her a shelf for her budding action-figure collection!

It’s so heartening to see a kid take a good lesson from a bad example (C and I are far from the world’s best house-keepers)!