I see that the hardest part of this blogging thing is going to be picking a topic, and just writing! Not that the writing itself is difficult, it’s the settling down to What’s most interesting right now?

My mind goes “Ooh! Shiny!” and then “Look, a chicken!” ~ at the tiniest flicker of *something interesting* in the corner of my eye or brain!  The free flow of thoughts and ideas is no problem, it’s stepping out of the flow long enough to pin them down on paper, asitwere. Sixty-two things I wanted to write about came to mind yesterday, while I was in the car and couldn’t do any of them – and now, not only are fifty of them Gone, another 27 have come up while I’m sitting here!

If I allow myself to write just like I think, every post would be classified as “Miscellaneous” Hah! That’s not very helpful, is it? (Maybe that’s why my Bookmarks file takes up 5 screens, ya think? It’s ALL Interesting, or May Be Useful, or otherwise Shouldn’t Be Lost!)

On to the next thing ~

Bright Blessings!